Our Growth Story

For most companies, growth stories are told using benchmarks. HWP is no different, but what sets us apart are the benchmarks we choose to celebrate. Instead of focusing solely on annual product sales or revenue, we celebrate the technical capabilities and the achievements of our growing team that make fulfilling customer needs possible. We're proud to invest in our people and in the state-of-the-art equipment that keeps us on the leading edge of encapsulation technology.

Lisa and Mark Wright founded Health Wright Products.

Expanded to 29,000 sq ft facility to meet growing customer needs.

Installed first Bosch GKF2000 capsule filling machine, the first of its kind to be used in the nutraceutical industry.

Moved into current building.

Achieved NSF cGMP certification.

Encapsulated 500 million+ capsules.

Achieved NSF cGMP for Sport certification.

Grew to 50 employees.

Manufactured more than 1 billion capsules.

Grew to 100 employees.

Achieved QAI National Organic Program Certificate of Compliance–Certified Organic.

Installed 4,500 sq ft 35⁰F to 39⁰F cooler with capacity for 600 pallets to provide optimized storage for probiotics and other capsules.

Installed new Bosch 702 filling machine to further expand on the highest quality filling capabilities in the industry.

Grew to 200 employees.

Installed state-of-art IMA blister machine with a HAPA printer that includes tremendous capabilities for printing on foil and high-speed production.

Completed phase one of our expansion project that will grow the facility to include 22 encapsulation suites, including OTC capabilities; 4 times the blending capability and multiple bottling lines.