HWP Coronavirus Update from CEO Scott Steinford

Hello HWP Team and Customers:

Once again, I want to acknowledge how awful things are in our country and world right now, our thoughts and prayers are first and foremost with you and your loved ones. While we can’t “fix” the world Covid-19 crisis, we want you to know HWP leadership is genuinely trying to keep our team as safe and secure as possible. We appreciate the responsibility associated with the acknowledgment of Health Wright Products as an essential business allowing us to remain open and productive. We are fortunate to be able to continue to provide the healthy products we produce, but we also have to be mindful of the extra care and precautions required in this time of crisis and need.

To this understanding, a summary of some of the actions taken by Health Wright employees to be responsible and responsive to the extraordinary demands of today:

  • Responding to the advice from health officials, we quickly transformed our workplace to accommodate a remote work environment. All employees able to work from home are now doing so and those that are unable to are placed staggered shifts to minimize the number of employees at the office.
  • We have expanded the separation of office personnel who necessarily remain in the building to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.
  • We have expanded the gowning area to ensure physical distancing.
  • We have ceased all large gatherings. Communications that would have previously been conducted as a company-wide meeting are now held in small group settings of 10 or fewer people to allowing appropriate distancing.
  • Increased use of email and virtual technology, in place of face to face conversations, is encouraged within the office. We have engaged a Microsoft consultant to assist in identifying better use of the Microsoft Office platform utilized by all staff. 
  • Lunch and breaks in the production area are staggered to assist in maintaining small groups with appropriate distancing.
  • Common areas, such as break rooms, are monitored to reduce occupancy and cleaned and sanitized multiple times throughout the day.
  • All personnel are required to maintain the 6-foot perimeter whenever possible, as encouraged by the CDC.
  • A Fever Monitoring Process is being implemented at the beginning of each shift and within the office environment to provide additional precautions against an individual who may not recognize their fever symptom.
  • In addition to the ordinarily extensive sanitary attention typical of a cGMP facility, we have expanded sanitation activities and personnel to clean all areas continually. We are increasing the number of disinfectant bottles throughout the facility. This natural disinfectant is to be used to clean the immediate area by all employees when possible.
  • All door handles, and common area surfaces are disinfected and consistently cleaned throughout the day.
  • A travel restriction is in place for employees, and visitor schedules have been postponed indefinitely.

The Health Wright Products team is committed to doing all it can to provide health and safety for both our employees and our community. We have been providing products to improve the health and well being of dietary supplement consumers everywhere for 25 years. Now it is our responsibility to give even greater attention to this endeavor. Overcoming this crisis requires a team effort, and we will succeed through Covid-19 together!

We thank you for your continued support and teamwork. Please advise if we can answer any questions or concerns. It is our privilege to serve you.

Healthy Regards,
Scott Steinford, CEO

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