HWP Ingredient of the Month: EpiCor

HWP partners with the highest quality ingredient providers in the industry. Each month we highlight one of these ingredients. The February 2020 focus is EpiCor fermentate.

EpiCor fermentate from Embria Health Sciences was developed based on 70 years of fermentation experience by its parent company Diamond V Mills. The company noticed that Diamond V employees who manufactured its yeast culture weren’t using as much sick time as the office workers. Based on this finding, Diamond V commissioned a pilot study to see if there was a causal effect and discovered that the immune system of the workers was stronger. Following that discovery, Embria was formed to develop a commercial application of the health-promoting ingredient. Read the full story here.

The Science:
EpiCor has participated in 17 studies, including eight peer-reviewed published human clinical trials. The human clinical, in vivo and in vitro studies have covered five areas: immune support, pollen support, microbiome effects, fast-acting, and safety.

Primary benefit areas: Strong immune system and healthy gut

NDI Status: Filed with FDA

Dose: 500 mg per day for adults

Manufacturer: Embria Health Sciences

Immune health is more important now than ever. HWP will manufacture immune health supplements as a rush run at no additional cost to the brand holder. If you’re interested in incorporating EpiCor into your product(s), please contact us.

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