HWP Value of the Month: Choose Happiness

Happiness is choice.  That’s right, a choice.  If it is easier –positive thinking – “happiness” is an active choice — the decision to focus on the possibility of good results or seek out the goodness in any situation.   Positive thinking is logical. It’s more about using your head than it is about using your heart. It’s about taking whatever you’re experiencing and trying your best to make the most of the situation or frame it in a positive light. No matter what’s going on in your life, you can strive for a positive attitude. You can also practice it (and get better at it!); when it comes to positive thinking, we can all practice similar techniques. We all know what it means to try to find the good in a situation (even if we find different kinds of goodness). Positive thinking is a logical, thought-driven experience. Positive thinking focuses on the current moment/situation and determining what you can gain from that experience or interaction.  Remember: we can’t choose how we feel, but we can choose how we think about those feelings (and whatever it was that caused us to feel that way)

By choosing to embrace happiness into your life, you are taking responsibility for your own contentment; though you don’t always have control of your circumstances, you have control over how you frame it – so frame it positively.

~Sarah Jameson, Chief Quality Officer


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