Our Team

Executive Leadership

Mark Wright


Built HWP from the ground up. Lives life all in. Ridiculously intelligent, extremely witty. Amateur pilot & mediocre professional racecar driver. Always Wright, never Wrong.

Scott Steinford

Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned CEO - ingredients, brands, manufacturing, he’s done it all. Persistent, methodical, seems laid-back, but really isn’t. All round great guy with wry humor and a quick smile.

Dan Warner

Chief Operations Officer

Stoicism personified. Grand Master of colorful spreadsheets. Harley rider with a heart, preferring his Tequila neat. The calm in the storm.

Sarah Jameson

Chief Quality Officer

Overseer of all things quality. Many believe she has her own built in microphone. Her happy place is a horse pasture. Refers to herself as a “Special Snowflake.” Adamant that her Quality Team is a Red Vines Family -- not Twizzlers.

Mike Rusk

Chief Finance Officer

Calculator wizard. Mild-mannered… unless on the golf course. Our document and detail ‘king’. Blazing star…if you count his Christmas lights.

Megan Westbrook

Chief Human Resource Officer

MacGyver of HR, makes good stuff happen. Creative and enthusiastic leader. Focused and detailed with a love of people.

Business Development

Megan Cliff

Megan Cliff

Director of Sales & Account Services

Huge heart, adamant that real knitting is done with a hook. Data at the core, customer always at the top. Our go to for help, takes her coffee black.

Lisa Powell

Lisa Powell

Senior Business Development Manager

Yoda of all things ingredients, especially ashwagandha. Spiritual hippie and self-growth junkie. True believer in symbiosis – especially between plants and humans.

Kylee Jo Cook

Kylee Jo Cook

Business Development Manager

Free-spirited and creative with a competitive edge. Great vibes with customers, but a geek at heart. Not to be separated from her crystals … or her shih tzu.

Meagan Drahos

Meagan Drahos

Business Development Manager

Multi-tasker extraordinaire, juggler of to-dos, matcha lattes and water. Professional perfectionist; as genuine as they come, our own Dory and mother of dachshunds.

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