The probiotic category is one of the most exciting within the dietary supplement marketplace, and has continued to grow over recent years. Emerging science, consumer adoption, a better understanding of the microbiome and strain specific activity are creating new opportunities on a regular basis. In fact, increasingly, probiotics, in combination with other ingredients are gaining in traction, and HWP offerings include the ability to ‘surround’ probiotics with prebiotics in an offering targeting whole microbiome. Additionally, there are increasing opportunities for probiotics in conditions other than gut and immune health, and HWP can assist and guide companies targeting these markets. It can be a crowded market, so proper planning and strategy, intelligent formulation and working with a manufacturing partner with expertise and a focus on probiotics makes absolute sense. HWP is that partner.



The manufacturing process for finished format probiotics in 2-piece capsules is one of the most influencing factors of your product’s potency, effectiveness, and value, coupled with the quality & potency of the strains at the start of the process and, finished with the final consumer packaging. Probiotics need to be viable through their entire shelf-life and meet label claim all the way through. The goal of producing finished format probiotics is to keep the strains dormant until they reach the targeted area in the consumer’s body, at which time they activate and do their work.  There is no better category that demonstrates the importance of attention to detail, process management, intelligent design and absolute control of operations than in the formulation, encapsulation and packaging of probiotics. At HWP, probiotics are a priority, and our entire facility and operations is designed to ensure we produce the highest quality, most stable formulations in North America.

HWP can help you enter into and challenge in the market, at appropriate dosages, with confidence that your products will meet label claim throughout and beyond their shelf life. Our confidence can give you confidence – efficacious, stable products containing the right strains.



Making a probiotic product takes deep expertise from raw material procurement to finished packaging. It starts with the right strain(s), in the right amount(s), formulated then encapsulated in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Since our facilities not only have temperature and humidity control in production, but also throughout packaging and storage, the integrity we build in at the outset adds this ultimate control as a product benefit to you, our customer. This is a very important cornerstone to our past and future success - having the right air handling system to control environmental conditions in all GMP areas (hallways, WIP areas, raw material storage, blending, encapsulation, packaging) of the facility. Managing the temperature and the relative humidity, and controlling the variation around these variables, is key to ensuring the optimum conditions for success.  With the implementation of our new expansion, we continue to lead the industry by investing well over $2M into a high efficiency, high volume air handling system which gives us strict control of temperature and relative humidity in all GMP spaces in our facility. This system has capacity to supply 85,000 cfm to the facility with individually controlled zones that give us the ability to control RH at 20% and temperature at 68⁰. We have also integrated into the design of our air handling system, a “dual exhaust” concept that allows us to evacuate high temp, high humidity air (that occurs during the room cleaning process) directly out of the building. Simply put, this gives us a more precise method of controlling conditions and is significant in saving energy (we don’t have to recondition “washing” air).

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