Your products are designed to fulfill a market opportunity, appealing to your target consumers. Our team works with yours to develop the right formulation with the proper ingredients in the appropriate dosages and product and packaging formats. The outcome is high quality, effective, compelling product and presentation. The optimal end result is only achieved by careful planning and concept validation that deliberately challenges assumptions, and heavily incorporates HWP market and formulation experience. Any product is only as strong as its weakest link, and by planning up front, we ensure there are no weak links. You, the customer, are the beneficiary of this thoughtful and methodical process.


Our HWP process, optimized over the past 20 years, is inspired by the principal of not only building to meet current market guidelines, specifications and requirements, but to exceed these by orders of magnitude to produce the highest quality products on the market. We’ve always been about exacting standards and precision, but our knowledge of the ingredients we are working with, and encapsulation as a science as well as an art allows us to use precision and finesse in everything we do.

It starts with our facility and its design, constructed not only to handle the rigors of the current market and our customers’ needs, but to anticipate their needs as they grow with us. We’ve built an OTC Compliant manufacturing space, containing state of the art encapsulation suites that optimize HVAC and cleaning efficiency, providing easy operator equipment access and therefore total facility and operational control well above GMP quality standards.

The entire facility is under a tightly controlled relative humidity/temperature atmosphere for better manufacturing and storage conditions, held to 20% RH / 68˚ F using our Kathabar Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification System.

In addition to intelligence in facilities and operations, there’s a huge practical consideration to this Intelligent Process. As well as providing you the ultimate peace of mind, we work within this environment to use the exacting resource control,  efficiencies and ingredient sourcing and handling strategies to ensure your product meets label claim throughout its shelf life. By monitoring and maintaining strict temperature and humidity control through material handling, formulation, encapsulation and storage, we can assure it.

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