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Value of the Month Serve Gratitude

If we could make a capsule that would make your life happier, healthier, and more productive, and provide it at no cost, would you take it? Science has not created this formula to encapsulate yet, but science has demonstrated the “attitude of gratitude” is a powerful force to offer all the stated benefits mentioned, and then some! Saying “thank you” improves the lives of not only the recipient of the gratitude but also the provider. We tend to gravitate to people who share common attributes. Demonstrating the attribute of gratitude increases the likelihood of receiving gratitude and increasing one’s overall feeling of belonging and togetherness.

With all the positive proof of the power of gratitude, why does it seem lacking in our world? The reality is gratitude for most of us is an internal reflection and a reactive action. We were taught as children to say thank you when we received something, but we weren’t taught to seek out opportunities to express appreciation. Gratitude should become a proactive and constant thought. A commitment to saying thank you to someone proactively every day can improve the lives of not only those around you but your life as well.

Scott Steinford
Serve Gratitude

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