WRIGHT FOCUS: Focus on Probiotics: Handling Throughout and Packaging Matters

Precision starts from the outset. The manufacturing process for finished format probiotics in 2-piece capsules is one of the most influencing factors of your product’s potency, effectiveness, and value, coupled with the quality & potency of the strains at the start of the process and, finished with the final consumer packaging. Probiotics need to be viable through their entire shelf-life and meet label claim all the way through. The goal of producing finished format probiotics is to keep the strains dormant until they reach the targeted area in the consumer’s body, at which time they activate and do their work. This category perfectly demonstrates the importance of attention to detail, process management, intelligent design and absolute control of operations than in the formulation, encapsulation and packaging of probiotics. Some may say it’s more science than art.

HWP provides a climate and humidity-controlled environment throughout every stage of the production process. In addition, various packaging formats can be utilized to help maintain the stability and protect product. While glass and plastic bottles and CSP vials have traditionally been used to protect probiotic products, and are viable packaging options, blister packs now offer state-of-the-art sealing capabilities and can provide an even better stability profile for probiotics. In this option, the capsule is protected in its own cavity offering longer shelf life and stability. This helps keep probiotics protected and efficacious for the consumer as they use the product over time.

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