Encapsulating Excellence


We are Health Wright Products, revolutionizing contract manufacturing of dietary supplements with relentless precision and cutting edge technology. Our GMP-compliant FDA inspected facilities, product development expertise and over 25 years of experience enable us to be your ideal manufacturing partner.


Quality is in our DNA

Everything we do, every step in our process, is developed with product quality in mind. From supplier identification and qualification, through material handling and through all of our manufacturing operations, we’ve taken the highest road possible, using pharmaceutical standards, methods and equipment, to ensure the appropriate potency and purity products reach your consumers.


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Our Intelligent Process creates superior products.

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Intelligent Process

It’s not rocket science – but it’s close.

Our HWP process, optimized over the past 25 years, has been guided by the principal of building not only to meet current market guidelines, specifications and requirements, but to exceed these by orders of magnitude. We’ve always been about exacting standards and precision, but our knowledge of the ingredients we are working with, and encapsulation as a science as well as an art allows us to use precision and finesse in everything we do.

We don’t have to waste resources (time and money) on massive overages to ensure product meets label claim through shelf life. By monitoring and maintaining strict temperature and humidity control through material handling, formulation, encapsulation and storage, we can assure it.


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Packaging Science

Precision starts from the outset.

At Health Wright Products, we apply our expertise from the start to provide you with a highly controlled environment that ensures maximum product stability all the way to point of sale and beyond. It starts with the choice of polymer, and we maintain the integrity of your capsule from concept to finish to ensure it meets label claim.

We use the best packaging available to preserve shelf life and product quality all the way to the consumer. We accommodate your consumer’s needs with a variety of best-in-class packaging options.


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