Wow Means High Reviews
and Repeat Sales

We bring your concepts and ideas to life. Building a business and market can be challenging. Our goal is to give you the best start possible in your target market so that you can focus your attention where you really need to - on your clients and consumers.

You’ve got this great product concept. You think it’s going to work, your consumers clearly have needs and expectations. That’s where HWP steps in, utilizing years of encapsulation experience, market knowledge and savvy, and the highest quality ingredients and processes to deliver products that ‘pop’. We literally encapsulate your WOW, creating top-notch products that resonate with your consumers. When consumers are excited about your products, they talk about it with friends and other influencers, and perhaps most importantly, they consume on an ongoing basis through repeat purchases. When your products say WOW, you’re on your way to winning formulation; because consumer compliance and repeat is really the secret formula.

We literally encapsulate your WOW, creating top-notch products that resonate with your consumers.


Not all suppliers and certainly not all ingredients are created equal. With decades of experience and long-standing relationships with the world’s best ingredient companies, HWP is perfectly positioned to match ingredients, claim substantiation and application. Your product is only as good as its weakest link – we make sure that all ingredients are perfectly suited to your application and market.

Health Wright Products ensures the security & integrity of our material supply through

stringent Supplier & Raw Material Qualification Programs. In fact, there are 11 screening

elements a potential supplier must go through prior to approval. These include:

  • General evaluation
  • Raw Material Quality Evaluation
  • Manufacturing Suitability Evaluation
  • Supplier Review
  • Scale-up and final Review

In addition to the supplier review, HWP has stringent raw material requirements

and testing parameters before materials are purchased for use including:

  • Identity
  • Potency
  • Contaminants
    • Residual Solvents
    • Pesticides
    • Aflatoxins
    • Heavy Metals
  • Microbiological
    • TPC
    • Yeast & Mold
    • Coliform
    • E.coli


Capsules are what we do and encapsulation is what we know. As our core competency, we have invested heavily in state of the art, pharma grade technology and equipment. For you, that means a best in class partner, high quality capsules, efficient operations and service, products meeting label claims through shelf life and beyond, and overall, confidence in competence.

You could certainly go to a contract manufacturer that provides multiple supplement formats. Chances are, they produce acceptable product. Are you willing to take that chance? Is acceptable good enough? We think not.

Well planned products, leveraging all of HWP’s unique expertise in encapsulation technology, packaged in dynamic compelling formats is the Wright formula.

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