Quality - It's in Our DNA

Everything we do, every step in our process, is developed with product quality in mind. From supplier identification and qualification, through material handling and through all of our manufacturing operations, we’ve taken the highest road possible, using pharmaceutical standards, methods and equipment, to ensure the appropriate potency and purity products reach your consumers.

Quality is literally ahead of and behind every decision we make here at HWP. It’s everything from our first thought to our first after-thought. It drives our facility, operations, equipment decisions and strategic partner decisions, it’s inherent in every process, procedure and test we perform, and it’s built into every capsule we produce.

At the facility level, our tight control of humidity and temperature allows for optimal manufacturing and storage to assure integrity and stability. Our abundance of cold storage space ensures temperature sensitive raw materials and finished goods maintain their integrity.

From a design standpoint, our smart systems and suites enable easy access, better cleaning functionality, and allow us to reach standards far in excess of typical GMP quality requirements. In fact, our manufacturing space is OTC compliant.

At the production level, every stage has quality and precision built-in.


  • Blending:
  • Quality control and material input review
  • Yield review


  • Weight and defect checks


  • Operator initial threshold checks
  • Materials check and counts in process and post-run
  • Quality control scheduled line inspections

Finished Goods:

  • Batch review
  • Selected analyte testing, impurities, metals and micro testing

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